Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle (davejcastle) wrote,
Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle

Is Dave J. Castle really going to become a Doctor?

Yes, it is true. I am working on my doctorate right now at Northcentral University. Once I receive this degree, I will probably be the only magician in michigan who has earned a doctoral degree. I decided to continue my education because I am interested in also teaching as well as doing magic. If you are reading this please book me and or tell your friends to book me. The money helps finance my education which is expensive. People ask me all the time what are your future plans? As of right now, My goal is to teach either part or full time and also continue to run and operate The Magic of Dave J. Castle, LLC. performing magic shows in michigan. I love performing magic and would never give it up.


Dave J. Castle
Michigan Magician

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