Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle (davejcastle) wrote,
Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle

Live on Fox 2 News

Hello everyone. On Saturday, November 26, 2005 I was live on fox 2 morning news. Once again, it was an interesting experience as being on tv always is. I have had many people come up to me over the last 24 hours telling me they saw me on tv, that is cool. Above is a picture of me with Charles and Deena making a santa claus balloon sculpture. If you saw me on tv, please write to me by clicking on the comment link and posting a response, i would love to read it.

This is a picture of me waiting to be called for my big tv appearance. I think I am in a barbershop chair, oh well it was comfortable!

Here is a picture of me with Fox 2 News Anchor, Pallas Hupe. She was super nice. Her two boys showed up towards the end of the news program and received a Santa Balloon sculpture from me along with some magic tricks. I am sure they will enjoy them.

If you saw this segment on tv I hope that you enjoyed it!


Dave J. Castle
Michigan Magician

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