November 25th, 2005

Santa Claus Balloon Sculpture - As Seen on TV

Dear Friends,

If you would like to learn how to make a Santa Claus Balloon Sculpture, you have come to the right place. Listed below are the materials and instructions. Have Fun!



(1) white cotton ball
(2) scotch tape
(3) 1 white balloon (type used for balloon animals)
(4) 1 red balloon (type used for balloon animals)
(5) black sharpie marker
(6) 1 6inch pink heart (type used for balloon animals)
(7) balloon hand pump


Step 1
Inflate your red balloon leaving about 4 inches not inflated at the end. Next, tie the balloon. Twist 4 3inch bubbles. The final bubble gets rolled through the 2 and 3rd bubbles to form the hat. Then carefully break the remaining part of the balloon and tie it off. Tuck the access balloon inside the hat to hide it.

Step 2
Tape the white cotton ball to the top of the red hat. Now the hat is complete.

Step 3
Inflate the 6 inch heart. However, do not inflate the balloon all the way. Once you see the two points of the heart starting to form, stop inflating and tie the balloon. This balloon will be Santa's face.

Step 4
Inflate the white balloon almost all of the way. Only leave about 1/2inch not inflated at the end of the balloon. This will form Santa's hat, mustache and beard.

Step 5
Attach Santa's head (pink heart) to the hat. I twist the part of the pink balloon where you tied it to the bottom of the hat. If you twist the pink balloon part where you knotted it around the bottom of the red hat a couple of times it will stay in place.

Step 6
Next attach the white balloon to the top of the heart balloon and the bottom of the hat, this will form the white fringe on the red hat. To do this, make a 1 inch bubble at one end of the white balloon and hold it, while holding it, wrap the white balloon around where the head joins the hat and twist it snugly around connecting it to the 1 inch bubble. Now you should have a completed hat with white fringe and the majority of the white balloon should not have been used.

Step 7
Take and squeeze the pink heart balloon and force the air towards the point of the heart where the nose should be. While applying pressure and forcing the air towards this section take and twist this area around to form a nose. This part can be tricky, take your time. Once the nose is formed hold it with your hand or else it will come undone.

Step 8
Pull the white balloon to the nose to form the mustache. Right where the balloon touches the nose, twist the white balloon around once, then take and wrap this twisted part of the white balloon around the nose once to lock everything in place.

Step 9
Now wrap the white balloon around the head and pull it to the left and carefully twist part of the white balloon to the 1 inch white bubble formed previously to lock the mustache in place.

Step 10
Now to form the beard. Take what is left of the white balloon and wrap it around the bottom or the pink balloon, which is Santa's chin. Take the end of the balloon and pull it up around the right hand side of Santa's face up under the mustache to the top of the hat. I tuck the very end of the white balloon into the inside of the hat.

Step 11
Take your black sharpie marker and decorate the face. I usually add eyes, eyebrows, and a big smile. You are all done and now you have a Santa Claus balloon sculpture. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Dave J. Castle
Michigan Magician