Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle (davejcastle) wrote,
Michigan Magician Dave J. Castle

104.3 WOMC at Kroger

Today was cool, I got to be a on the 104.3 Womc show with Dick Purtan and Purtan's People at the Kroger located in Clinton Township, Michigan. They were funny and it was nice that they were helping sell calendars to raise money for charity. I was able to get the entire crews autograph on my calendar.

Big Al was really funny and played many games with the audience. One game was "Name the fruit he was hiding behind the table". Audience members could guess what fruit he was hiding to win a prize. The guy next to me got it right and one a gift certificate.

I recommend that anyone looking to support a good charity for kids and would also like a really funny calendar for 2006, go to www.womc.com and buy one. They are only $12. If you get one at a place where they broadcast live, they will most likely sign it for you.

Unfortunately, I was unable to do any magic on the show due to their busy schedule of activities; however, maybe next time.

Dick Purtan and Purtan's people will be touring throughout Michigan broadcasting and selling the calendars. Check their schedule at their website.

Rebekah Rhodes, who is one of purtan's people saw me and said, "I really like your hair!" I will take that as a compliment.

I have several magic shows coming up soon in michigan. After I perform them, I will let all of you know how they went. I also look forward to eventually adding more pictures to this blog in the future.


Dave J. Castle
Michigan Magician

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